What is Amazon Prime Book Box for kids and how does it work?

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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon has officially launched Prime Book Box.

Essentially, it's a monthly book subscription service for kids. If you subscribe, you volition person (delivered to your door) a container with 4 committee books oregon 2 hardcover representation books oregon novels. This is Amazon's archetypal monthly subscription work successful which it offers carnal books.

Here's everything you request to cognize astir it and however it works.

What is Amazon Prime Book Box?

Prime Book Box is simply a paid subscription work wherever you person a container of children’s books each month, 2 months, oregon 3 months. Each container contains 4 committee books (for ages 2 and younger) oregon 2 hardcover representation books oregon novels (for ages 3 to 12). Amazon says you'll prevention up to 35 per cent disconnected the database terms of these books.

How does Amazon Prime Book Box work?

Pick a plan

Choose a scholar property and whether you'd similar a publication container each 1, 2, oregon 3 months.

Hand-picked books

Depending connected the program you choose, the disposable books volition beryllium divided into 4 antithetic property groups for readers: commencement to 2 years, 3 to 5 years, six to 8 years, and 9 to 12 years. Amazon's editors volition prime the books for your selected property range. And they volition usage your acquisition past to debar books you've already bought.

Amazon said its editors "read thousands of books each twelvemonth to find selections your scholar volition bask again and again," and "you'll observe caller releases, classics, and hidden gems tailored to your reader's age".

Preview your books

If you're disquieted astir the books being hand-picked, don't fret. Each month, you volition person an email preview of the box, and you tin take to swap immoderate books from a abbreviated database of alternate options earlier the container is shipped.

Open and read

Amazon said each container volition vessel escaped to your door. And you tin skip a container astatine immoderate time.

Are determination illustration books you tin see?

Below are a fewer examples of the books you could receive:

How overmuch is Amazon Prime Book Box?

It costs $19.99 per box.

When tin you effort Amazon Prime Book Box?

Amazon primitively launched Prime Book Box arsenic an invite-only program, but now, the institution has opened it up to each US Prime members. 

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Want to cognize more?

Check retired Amazon's Prime Book Box page for much details.

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