What are Google Home, Nest Audio, Mini, Hub and Nest Hub Max and what can they do?

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(Pocket-lint) - Google offers its Home and Nest household of devices arsenic portion of its connected location offering. The devices are an alternate to Amazon's Echo range of devices and the household consists of the Nest Audio (a replacement for the Google Home), Nest Mini, Home MaxNest Hub and the Nest Hub Max.

All the Google Home devices person the powerfulness of Google Assistant down them, similar Echo devices connection Alexa. This diagnostic breaks down everything you request to cognize astir Google Home and Nest devices, including what they are, however they work, what devices enactment with them and wherever you tin bargain these speakers.


What is Nest Audio, Nest Mini and Google Home Max?

  • Wi-Fi astute speakers
  • Google Assistant
  • Smart location control

Google Nest Audio, Nest Mini, Home and Home Max are each Wi-Fi speakers that treble up as smart home power hubs and idiosyncratic assistants for the full family. You tin usage them to playback amusement passim your home, negociate mundane tasks, and inquire Google things you privation to know.

The devices alteration successful presumption of talker and method specifications, plan and outgo but they each connection the aforesaid functionality erstwhile it comes to Google Assistant, astute location power and euphony playback. You tin read astir however they disagree successful much detail successful our abstracted feature.

All devices person LED lights to bespeak erstwhile they person heard you and are responding, and they each diagnostic a carnal fastener for turning the microphone connected oregon off.

What is Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max?

  • Google Assistant
  • 7-inch show / 10-inch display

Google's Nest Hub and Google's Nest Hub Max some connection the aforesaid features arsenic the Google Home, Home Max, Nest Audio and Nest Mini, but they adhd a show to the mix, making them perfect for astute location power and video playback. The Nest Hub (first and 2nd gen) has a 7-inch display, portion the Nest Hub Max has a 10-inch display, arsenic good arsenic a Nest camera built-in.

The displays let you to ticker YouTube videos oregon Netflix for example, work quality snippets, power immoderate astute location devices you person utilizing the touchscreens, arsenic good arsenic presumption immoderate Google Assistant-compatible camera feeds. Of course, they excessively connection Google Assistant truthful you tin usage your dependable to power everything too, arsenic you tin with the remainder of the Home devices, but the displays brings everything to life.

As with the Home and Nest devices, they excessively person a carnal fastener for turning the microphone off.

You tin read however the Nest Hub Max differs to the Nest Hub successful much item successful our abstracted feature

How bash Nest and Google Home devices work?

Music and video playback

Nest and Google Home devices are Wi-Fi speakers and tin truthful watercourse euphony straight from the cloud. You tin entree songs, playlists, albums, artists, and podcasts from your favourite euphony services with conscionable your voice. Or, if you prefer, you tin nonstop euphony from your Android oregon iOS instrumentality done Google Cast.

With Google Cast support, you tin besides usage Nest and Google Home devices to power different connected speakers successful your home. You'll adjacent get multi-room playback, meaning you tin adhd 1 oregon much Nest oregon Google Home devices to a radical of speakers successful bid to blast tunes passim your house, if they are compatible.

Nest and Google Home devices tin besides power your video contented done Google Cast. Let's accidental you privation to ticker your latest occurrence of Daredevil connected Netflix, oregon a feline video connected YouTube. Issue a dependable bid to Nest oregon Google Home instrumentality and the contented volition past look connected your TV. This lone works if you've acceptable up the devices successful the Google Home app, however.

Smart location hub

Nest and Google Home devices tin beryllium a power centre for your full home. They volition let you bash the basics similar acceptable alarms and timers and negociate to-do lists and buying lists, but they volition besides link your astute location and enactment fashionable web systems. It's worthy mentioning that you volition request the Google Home app to acceptable everything up.

Once you acceptable up your Nest oregon Google Home instrumentality and each your astute devices successful your location successful the Google Home app, you volition beryllium capable to power them. This applies to astute lights from assorted companies, switches, plugs, different Nest products (like the Nest Hello oregon Nest Cam) and beauteous overmuch immoderate compatible astute location device.

It's besides imaginable to power things beyond the location too, specified arsenic publication an Uber oregon bid dinner. Bear successful caput that you volition person to guarantee everything is setup archetypal though. The champion portion is each this is done with conscionable your voice, though arsenic we mentioned, if you person the Nest Hub oregon Nest Hub Max, you tin besides usage the show to power your astute location devices.

Ask Google

Nest and Google Home devices let you to inquire Google anything, from the weather to circumstantial facts. Google's years of hunt acquisition is down Google Assistant truthful you tin inquire circumstantial questions similar "how overmuch abdominous is successful an avocado?" oregon "what is Wayne Rooney's garment number?", but Google Assistant is besides susceptible of speech truthful you tin inquire travel up questions excessively similar "where did helium spell to school?", without repeating the "Ok Google" oregon "Hey Google" aftermath words earlier the travel up question.

Nest and Google Home devices volition beryllium capable to link the "he" pronoun to your erstwhile question astir Rooney oregon whoever successful bid to service up an close answer.

You tin inquire analyzable worldly too, specified as: "OK Google, what was the US colonisation erstwhile NASA was established?". Nest and Google Home devices volition springiness you contiguous answers each clip and they tin work the applicable parts of webpages backmost to you, oregon amusement you connected the Nest Hub oregon Nest Hub Max.


Which services bash Nest Hub and Nest Audio support?

Nest Hub and Nest Audio enactment with galore euphony services, including YouTube Music, Deezer, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and Apple Music. The database has grown considerably since the archetypal Home instrumentality was archetypal announced. Nest and Home devices are besides compatible with assorted quality outlets, specified arsenic the BBC, Telegraph, and Guardian successful the UK, among others.

You'll request to link your accounts for these services to your Nest and Google Home devices successful the Google Home app but you'll beryllium prompted to bash this erstwhile you acceptable your Nest oregon Home instrumentality up. Connect arsenic galore accounts arsenic you person for the champion experience.

With enactment for these assorted services, you tin ask: "OK Google, play that Shakira opus from Zootopia." Without having to sanction the song, Nest and Google Home tin fig it retired and play it from your favourite app. Thanks to Google Assistant and its machine-learning capabilities, Nest and Google Home instrumentality cognize you and your preferences and larn implicit time.

Nest and Google Home devices besides enactment with a multitude of astute location companies. The database isn't rather arsenic affluent arsenic Amazon's Alexa, but it is continuously increasing and determination are plentifulness of compatible services. Nest, SmartThings, Philips Hue, IFTTT, Ikea, TP-Link, Arlo, Hive and Netatmo are among the services compatible which means you'll beryllium capable to power these astute location devices and activate your IFTTT recipes utilizing your Nest oregon Home device.

Nest and Google Home devices besides enactment arsenic a Chromecast Audio receiver. We cognize we dependable repetitive, but again, you indispensable acceptable these up with the Google Home app.

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What is Google Assistant successful Google Home and Nest?

Google announced Google Assistant successful 2016 arsenic an adaption of Google Now and OK Google. The work improved the two-way speech acquisition of the erstwhile offerings with AI and instrumentality learning.

These advances fundamentally adhd discourse to your questions. For instance, erstwhile you say, "OK Google", followed by "What's playing tonight?", Google Assistant volition amusement films astatine your section cinema. But, if you add, "We're readying connected bringing the kids", Google Assistant volition cognize to service up showtimes for kid-friendly films.

You could past accidental "Let's spot the Jungle Book", and Assistant volition bargain tickets. You tin adjacent ask, "Is the Jungle Book immoderate good?", and past the adjunct volition show reviews, ratings, and a trailer. Google Assistant is capable to drawstring your questions unneurotic successful bid to find discourse and service up the close information.

It tin bash basal worldly similar retrieve your question itinerary, regular schedule, commute clip to work, bundle transportation information, and more. Nest and Google Home devices aren't the lone devices with entree to the Google Assistant, however. Assistant is disposable connected galore devices including Android smartphones, Android Auto and third-party speakers.

Assistant connected Nest and Google Home devices is the aforesaid arsenic Google Assistant connected your smartphone. Data is shared crossed your devices.

When and wherever tin you bargain Nest and Google Home devices?

All Nest and Google Home devices are disposable successful the US and UK and successful galore countries internationally.


Writing by Maggie Tillman and Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 20 May 2016.

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