Money is still #1 motivation but developers want time and location flexibility too

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A caller Stack Overflow survey finds that salary, flexibility and opportunities to larn are the apical reasons engineers look for a caller job.


Stack Overflow talked to 500 developers astir what they look for successful a caller employer.

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A caller survey finds that lone 25% of developers are searching for a caller job, portion 54% are not actively looking but unfastened to a caller job. Stack Overflow surveyed 500 developers to recognize the motivations of some groups. David Gibson, a elder information expert astatine Stack Overflow, wrote a blog station astir the survey.

Among radical looking for a caller job, wealth is inactive the apical motivator:

  • Salary: 65%
  • Work with caller technologies: 39%
  • Better work-life balance: 36%
  • Growth oregon enactment opportunities: 35%

When it comes to radical readying to enactment astatine their jobs, those folks worth flexibility supra each different factors astatine their existent workplace:

  • Flexibility: 65%
  • Salary: 59%
  • Opportunities to learn: 56%

Millennials are the property radical astir funny successful opportunities to larn caller skills. 

The survey besides asked developers what makes a caller institution attractive. A absorption connected developer acquisition tops the database astatine 53% with transparent wage calculators (41%) and learning from radical extracurricular the engineering squad (40%).

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Companies that don't supply capable resources for developers to get their enactment done are unattractive to imaginable employees. Also the survey recovered that developers disliked acceptable moving hours adjacent much than moving in-person, astatine 56% compared to 50%, respectively. 

A caller Microsoft survey reinforced the value of flexible enactment hours and locations. The survey recovered that 51% of workers liked mixing distant and in-person enactment and fractional of the radical surveyed said they would permission if determination was nary hybrid enactment option. Women were adjacent much apt to permission a occupation if the institution didn't supply that choice. Asynchronous tactics are 1 mode to supply clip and spot flexibility portion inactive keeping everyone successful the loop.

Engineers are astir apt to usage word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues erstwhile looking for a caller spot to enactment (47%), followed by speechmaking quality articles oregon blogs astir a institution (41%) and past reviews connected sites specified arsenic Glassdoor (38%).  

In the US, the  fig of radical quitting their jobs dropped somewhat successful October from 4.36 cardinal successful September to 4.2 million. Job openings roseate to 11 million, a adjacent grounds precocious according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary for October. In the Information sector, occupation openings were up compared to October and the fig of radical quitting stayed the same.

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