StormTracker8: Sunny & cold; eyes on Sunday

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Posted: Jan 10, 2022 / 10:00 PM EST / Updated: Jan 11, 2022 / 04:46 AM EST

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) —   We volition spot plentifulness of sunshine crossed cardinal Virginia contiguous and it volition beryllium a acold time with highs successful the mediate 30s.

Clear skies volition beryllium implicit the portion contiguous and it volition beryllium different precise acold nighttime with lows astir 20 crossed metro Richmond with galore areas falling backmost into the teens.

Wednesday volition beryllium a small spot warmer with highs successful the precocious 40s nether mostly sunny skies.

Thursday volition beryllium a bully time with highs successful the mediate 50s nether partially sunny skies.

A anemic upwind strategy volition descent done the portion aboriginal Thursday nighttime and aboriginal Friday morning, and this volition bring a fewer clouds and there’s the accidental for a passing flurry. Behind this strategy cooler aerial volition filter successful for Friday and Saturday.

We are looking for partially sunny skies connected Friday with highs successful the precocious 40s and Saturday volition again diagnostic partially sunny skies with highs lone astir 40.

All eyes are connected Sunday arsenic we are looking astatine the imaginable for a snowstorm but there’s inactive a batch of discrepancies successful our upwind models. In fact, our 2 main upwind models person done a implicit flip flop of each different with the GFS oregon American exemplary processing a ample East Coast snowstorm disconnected of the seashore of North Carolina which would bring important snowfall to Central and Southeastern Virginia. While the Euro is overmuch further southbound and slides the tempest retired to oversea crossed Florida and Georgia missing Virginia altogether.

 At this clip it is inactive prudent to beryllium alert of the anticipation for a snowstorm connected Sunday but not change immoderate plans yet. We are inactive waiting for much consistencies successful the models earlier we tin definitively accidental whether oregon not determination volition beryllium a snowstorm.

Monday and Tuesday volition diagnostic plentifulness of sunshine with highs successful the mediate 30s connected Monday and climbing to adjacent 40 by Tuesday.

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