Snap launches Story Studio, a more advanced video editing app

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(Pocket-lint) - Snap has introduced a caller standalone video editing app for iPhone users. It's called Story Studio.

First announced successful May 2021, Story Studio offers much precocious editing options for vertical videos, allowing you to person finer power implicit elements specified arsenic substance and AR lenses. It adjacent lets you use trending audio. Edited videos tin beryllium exported straight to Snapchat to stock connected your Story oregon connected Spotlight, oregon they tin beryllium downloaded and shared elsewhere if you wish. Unlike TikTok, your edited videos won't beryllium watermarked.

Snap describes Story Studio arsenic a "fast and amusive mode for creators to marque advanced, engaging vertical videos to stock connected Snapchat". Features see frame-precise trimming, splitting, and timing tools, the quality to adhd layers and captions, "Sounds from Snapchat", and creaseless transitions.

If you request assistance getting started with Story Studio, Snap has an entire FAQ leafage present that details instrumentality requirements, however to negociate and make projects, the ins and outs of editing and previewing and sharing, positive everything you request to cognize astir however sounds work. It's worthy a look.

An "early version" of Story Studio is present disposable successful Apple's App Store for Snapchat users successful the US, UK, and Canada.

There's nary connection yet connected whether the app is coming to Android.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 15 December 2021.

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