Oscar Piastri clinches world title

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Aussie racing phenom Oscar Piastri has claimed the Formula 2 championship, completing different ascendant twelvemonth successful his young career.

It's back-to-back titles for the 20-year-old, who won the Formula 3 rubric successful 2020, arsenic good arsenic the Formula Renault crown successful 2019.

He came into the archetypal contention of the play successful Abu Dhabi with an astir unassailable pb implicit stablemate Robert Shwartzman, needing to decorativeness 5th if his rival won the race.

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Instead, helium claimed the rubric successful style, passing Shwartzman with 3 laps to spell to bargain his spot connected the podium.

It was a daring manoeuvre with small upside, fixed 4th would person been capable to triumph the rubric careless — but again showed the young Aussie's bosom and tendency to win.

Oscar Piastri is mobbed by his campy aft confirming his satellite title. (Getty)

"I'm conscionable ace happy, what a contention to clinch it on," helium said afterwards.

"It was a batch little stressful than past twelvemonth truthful I'm precise blessed astir that!"

Jehan Daravula won the race, astir 3 seconds up of Piastri.

Piastri volition person his archetypal sensation of Formula 1 adjacent week, with a semipermanent aboriginal astatine the highest level surely successful his sights, fixed his dominance this year.

Piastri took 5 contention victories crossed the play — including 2 sprint races and 3 consecutive diagnostic races — 9 podiums, 7 fastest thigh honours, and 4 consecutive rod positions.

Oscar Piastri clinched the rubric successful Abu Dhabi connected Saturday. (Getty)

"It's been an awesome 3 years to circular retired my inferior career," Piastri said.

"Hopefully I tin beryllium champion of sitting connected the sofa adjacent twelvemonth due to the fact that that's astir each I'll beryllium driving," helium joked.

Piastri volition articulation Alpine's squad arsenic a reserve operator for the 2022 F1 season.

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