Oppo Find N vs Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: How do they compare?

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(Pocket-lint) - Having teased and shown disconnected assorted prototype devices with flexible screens - including a rollable phone - Oppo has yet announced its archetypal due folding smartphone: the Find N

It bears a passing resemblance to the Galaxy Z Fold, a telephone bid which brought that book-style folding tablet plan to the mainstream. But precisely however does it comparison to Samsung's flexible smartphone? 


  • Find N: 132.6 x 140.2 x 7.8mm (unfolded) - 132.6 x 73mm x 15.9mm (folded)
  • Z Fold 3: 158.2 x 128.1 x 6.4mm (unfolded) - 158.2 x 67.1 x 14.4mm (folded)
  • Both: Gorilla Glass Victus
  • Z Fold 3: IPX8 h2o resistance

Talking broadstrokes, erstwhile it comes to design, the 2 phones are precise similar. They some diagnostic that main interior show that folds shut, turning a tiny tablet-sized instrumentality into a candybar smartphone shape, with a smaller show connected the beforehand cover. This allows you to usage the telephone without needing to unfastened it each time.  

Material choices are akin too, with some devices opting for an aluminium and solid build, utilizing the metallic for the framework and hinge covering, but solid connected the back. In fact, some usage the latest Gorilla Glass Victus connected the beforehand and backmost to guarantee it's arsenic scratch resistant and durable arsenic possible.

Size and signifier are rather antithetic though, with the Oppo being shorter and wider than the Samsung, giving it a much squat appearance. 

It's harmless to accidental Oppo's camera lodging plan has a small much flourish than the Samsung, with a portion that sits successful a level that mildly curves and ramps up from the main solid aboveground connected the back. That's akin to what we saw connected the Find X3 Pro earlier successful 2021. Samsung took a antithetic approach, opting for a elemental pill-shaped protrusion. 

Buttons and ports are akin connected both, with the 2 devices featuring a recessed powerfulness fastener connected the close borderline that besides incorporates the fingerprint sensor for unlocking. Samsung has a measurement rocker power connected the aforesaid edge, but Oppo opted to enactment its ain measurement power connected the different side. 


Both besides diagnostic punch-hole cameras for selfies and video calls successful some the beforehand screen show and the superior interior display. Placement - again - is simply a small different, with Oppo opting for a near country placement and Samsung going with a camera placed centrally successful the close broadside of the main surface adjacent the apical edge. 

As for waterproofing, Oppo hasn't said whether its telephone has an authoritative IP rating, but Samsung's does diagnostic IPX8 extortion against water, meaning it tin past virtually immoderate water-based accidents. 


  • Find N: 5.49-inch - 1972 x 988 (18:9) - screen display
  • Z Fold 3: 6.2-inch - 2268 x 822 (25:9) - screen display
  • Find N: 7.1-inch - 1792 x 1920 (8.4:9) - 120Hz - 1000 nits highest - interior display
  • Z Fold 3: 7.6-inch - 1768 x 2208 (7.2:9) - 120Hz - HDR10+ - 1200 nits highest - interior display

As mentioned, some phones person 2 screens with 1 smaller 1 connected the beforehand screen and another, larger, square-ish flexible show inside. 

On the front, Oppo opted for a 5.49-inch 18:9 afloat HD display, which should marque it a spot much utile than the 6.2-inch 25:9 ratio show connected the Samsung. Reason: the ratio is person to a modular smartphone surface shape, making it look acold little constrictive and cramped than the Samsung screen display. 

Due to this somewhat wider ratio connected the front, the surface internally is besides person to quadrate connected the Oppo exemplary than the Samsung. Despite person somewhat antithetic resolutions, fixed the size and ratio of the screens, the sharpness should precise similar. All screens are AMOLED based, and some phones person refresh rates up to 120Hz connected the interior displays. 

Both devices person adaptive refresh technology. Oppo's tin scope arsenic debased arsenic 1hz erstwhile necessary, redeeming artillery beingness connected static pages. Samsung's lowest refresh is 10Hz. 

One of the large promises of the Oppo flexible surface is that its crease should beryllium little evident than Samsung's, acknowledgment to utilizing a antithetic benignant of extortion implicit the display. What's more, erstwhile folded shut, the 2 halves of the show diagnostic precise small successful the mode of a gap.

Oppo's interior surface features what the institution calls a 12-layer Serene Display, which includes a 0.03mm furniture of ultra-thin glass. 

To marque astir of the two-screen system, some usage akin bundle tweaks too. If you motorboat an app connected the beforehand surface and unfastened it, it'll seamlessly unfastened connected the bigger interior display. And vice versa. They besides some person a split-screen multi-tasking quality to marque the astir of the bigger interior aboveground area. 

Hardware specs

  • Both: Snapdragon 888 processor 
  • Find N: 8GB/12GB RAM - 256GB/512GB storage
  • Z Fold 3: 12GB RAM - 256GB/512GB storage
  • Find N: 4500mAh - 33W flash charging - 15W wireless
  • Z Fold 3: 4400mAh - 25W wired charging - 11W wireless

Moving connected to hardware specifications and - again - determination are similarities. Both phones diagnostic the Snapdragon 888 processor, for flagship level performance. They besides some diagnostic 12GB RAM and up to 512GB UFS 3.1 retention successful their apical models, though Oppo besides has an 8GB/256GB version. 

Even erstwhile it comes to artillery capableness and charging capabilities, the 2 phones are rather akin (although not identical). Oppo's telephone has a somewhat higher capableness artillery astatine 4500mAh, which is conscionable 100mAh much than the 4400mAh connected the Samsung.

Where you'll spot a bigger quality is successful charging speeds, with Oppo opting to usage a 33W mentation of its accelerated VOOC charging technology. Similarly, if you usage Oppo's ain AirVOOC wireless charger, you'll get 15W speeds from that versus a maximum of 11W wireless charging connected the Samsung. 

Camera details

  • Both: triple camera system
  • Both: 2 selfie cameras
  • Find N: 50MP main - 16MP ultrawide - 13MP telephoto
  • Z Fold 3: 12MP main - 12MP ultrawide -12MP telephoto

As mentioned, the 2 telephone diagnostic 2 selfie cameras: 1 punched into each display. Both besides diagnostic the aforesaid fig of cameras successful the rear lodging connected the backmost of the phone, with akin makeup. 

That means the 2 person a superior camera joined by an ultrawide and a telephoto zoom lens, for 3 chiseled focal magnitude to assistance adhd versatility to shooting. 

Samsung uses a 12-megapixel sensor successful each of its cameras, wherever Oppo has mixed it up a bit. The main camera features the aforesaid 50-megapixel sensor recovered successful the 2 main cameras connected the Find X3 Pro. That's joined by a 16-megapixel ultrawide and a 13-megapixel zoom camera. 


With Samsung having been successful the flexible marketplace longer, and having brought the signifier to the mainstream, it's a harmless prime and - presently - it's a batch much wide disposable than Oppo (which initially launches successful China only). 

Where Oppo has a spot of an vantage is successful the beforehand screen, which has a little constrictive ratio that makes it a batch amended to usage connected its ain without the acquisition feeling compromised. Samsung's feels a small cramped still. 

Price volition apt travel into it, but without knowing the Oppo terms yet, that's a examination we can't make. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 15 December 2021.

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