Microsoft is supporting end-to-end encryption for all Microsoft Teams users

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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is rolling retired end-to-end encryption to Microsoft Teams for one-to-one calls. 

The institution has been investigating adding encryption to Teams for a portion present since it was archetypal announced backmost successful October. Now the enactment to crook it connected for one-to-one calls is being rolled retired and admins volition person the enactment to alteration it. 

This encryption means that those connected the telephone tin remainder harmless successful the cognition that their speech is kept distant from prying eyes and ears. With this mounting enabled, the telephone is encrypted earlier it's sent and decrypted lone by the intended recipient. No 1 other has entree to the telephone information oregon the decrypted speech - not adjacent Microsoft. 

All real-time dependable and video information is encrypted but some parties request to person the end-to-end encryption mounting enabled. 

It is worthy noting that if end-to-end encryption is enabled, this volition disable different features that are usually available. Features similar recording, unrecorded captioning, transferring calls and adding others to the telephone won't relation alongside end-to-end encryption.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is keen to constituent retired that encryption successful Microsoft 365 is determination to support your chats, shared files and different contented that would usually beryllium successful a call. 

If it's activated by your organisation, you tin find retired how to crook connected end-to-end encryption here

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