Make sense of complex IT concepts with these glossaries

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The realm of IT is chock afloat of analyzable concepts. We're present to assistance you marque consciousness of it each with these apical glossaries from TechRepublic Premium.


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Technology is complex. And erstwhile advancements successful tech are made what seems similar each second, that complexity lone increases implicit time. Just however accelerated is tech changing? In 1965, Intel's co-founder Gordon Moore predicted that wide processing show would treble each 2 years. Yes, double.

That prediction, known arsenic Moore's Law, has held existent implicit the past 56 years. However, caller advancements specified arsenic quantum computing are present making experts question the prediction. 

Mario Morales, a programme vice president astatine IDC, said it best, "We're going beyond it present erstwhile we deliberation astir incremental improvements of software. Because truthful overmuch of computing present includes AI and instrumentality learning, changes are happening overmuch faster than the erstwhile 18- to 24-month period."

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If this accelerated advancement says anything, it's this: Businesses indispensable clasp the integer translation and brace for technological impact. If you're not presently utilizing things specified arsenic AI oregon DevOps, it's not a question of "if" you volition but "when."

We cognize that not everyone successful concern is an IT expert. We besides cognize it tin beryllium overwhelming to adjacent deliberation astir immoderate of these analyzable tech concepts. Luckily, we person IT experts present that tin assistance you marque consciousness of it all.

Below, you'll find six IT glossaries by TechRepublic Premium covering everything from DevOps to cybersecurity onslaught response.

Quick Glossary: DevOps

Moving accelerated to develop, deploy and integrate caller bundle is captious to the occurrence of each organizations careless of industry. This is wherever DevOps comes in. DevOps is the operation of 2 terms: bundle improvement and accusation exertion operations.

 DevOps considers each aspects of deployment, from squad connection and collaboration to engineering and security. In this glossary, you'll find 20 DevOps-related presumption to assistance you summation a amended knowing of this important absorption concept. Whether you're looking to physique your ain DevOps strategy oregon conscionable privation to summation your consciousness of the topic, this glossary tin help.

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Quantum Computing Glossary

Quantum computing promises accrued computing powerfulness and velocity utilizing little vigor and space. Built connected the principles of quantum theory, quantum computing harnesses the powerfulness of subatomic particles to make caller ways of computing.

Why is this important? Traditional computers that usage binary signals measured successful bits tin lone grip truthful much. And erstwhile analyzable tech innovations specified arsenic AI necessitate much analyzable code, a hefty magnitude of processing powerfulness is required.

Quantum computing is present to lick that challenge, truthful we tin each reap the benefits of tomorrow's technological advancements. This glossary explores quantum computing and the presumption you request to know.

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Backup Solutions Glossary

It's nary concealed that information (in its galore forms) is the driving unit down each organizations. From lawsuit information to manufacturing instrumentality attraction data, it's captious for concern operation. This means information indispensable besides beryllium preserved and protected astatine each costs.

Efficient and effectual backup solutions are required to support information from cybercriminals, earthy disasters and elemental quality error. 

Unfortunately, the implementation of backup solutions tin beryllium hard to recognize owed to the sheer magnitude of manufacture jargon. Our glossary tin help, ensuring you person the cognition indispensable to support your astir captious concern asset.

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Quick Glossary: Cybersecurity Attack Response and Mitigation

What's your program for a cybersecurity incident? If you can't reply that question, it's clip to act. The information is, your web is nether changeless attack. And it's captious to beryllium prepared should the worst-case script occur. This means having a broad effect and hazard mitigation program successful spot now.

To assistance you physique that plan, this glossary includes galore cybersecurity presumption you indispensable cognize to support your delicate concern information before, during and aft the adjacent attack.

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Cryptocurrency Glossary: From Bitcoin and Dogecoin to Hot Wallets and Whales

Cryptocurrency appears to beryllium taking the tech satellite by storm. It's a integer currency that offers large rewards successful speech for greater risk. Cryptocurrency relies connected a conception called blockchain, which is utilized to process and unafraid these integer transactions.

 You whitethorn person besides heard of the large fiscal occurrence investors person had done crypto. For example, individuals successful their 20s are becoming millionaires by investing. And portion cryptocurrency whitethorn beryllium the aboriginal of finance, you indispensable bash your probe earlier committing to anything. This glossary tin assistance you get started.

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40+ Open Source and Linux Terms You Need to Know

Linux is 1 of the astir fashionable operating systems that beryllium today. And for bully reason. It's an open-source operating strategy that's secure, customizable and cost-effective. However, newcomers to Linux whitethorn consciousness overwhelmed by the breadth of cognition required to successfully usage the OS.

This TechRepublic Premium glossary features 40+ presumption commonly utilized wrong the Linux community, truthful you tin marque the astir retired of the platform.

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