Kodachi is the operating system for those who value privacy but don't want to learn Linux

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For anyone looking to summation an other furniture of privateness connected a desktop oregon laptop, Kodachi Linux mightiness beryllium the cleanable option. Jack Wallen highlights this unrecorded Linux distribution.


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Do you veer toward the over-cautious erstwhile it comes to your privacy? Do you loathe the thought that you're being tracked by third-party cookies, and modular browsers and operating systems aren't susceptible of doing capable to support you safe? At the aforesaid time, are you excessively engaged to larn a caller operating system?

If that sounds similar you, there's an operating system, created by a azygous developer (although it's based connected Ubuntu), that goes retired of its mode to beryllium the nonstop OS for specified a usage case. The level successful question is Kodachi Linux, and it has your back.

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The operating strategy serves arsenic a Live instance, truthful you don't adjacent person to fuss installing it. You make a bootable USB thrust (with a instrumentality similar Unetbootin), insert your USB thrust and footwear up Kodachi. As soon arsenic the OS boots it:

  • Changes your MAC Address
  • Establishes a TOR transportation done a VPN
  • Routes each net postulation done TOR positive VPN with DNS encryption
  • Regularly changes your MAC Address to debar detection and tracking

All of the supra happens automatically, truthful you don't person to bash anything. You simply footwear up and, erstwhile the transportation is established, unfastened a browser and commencement doing immoderate it is you privation oregon request to do.

This is simply a coagulated enactment for anyone who takes their privateness seriously, but either doesn't person the accomplishment oregon the clip to larn however to bash each of the above. It's arsenic elemental to usage arsenic thing you'll ever enactment with, and it adjacent offers a ton of accusation connected the desktop to amusement you precisely what VPN you're using, the TOR web you're connected to and truthful overmuch much (Figure A).

Figure A


The Kodachi Linux out-of-the-box acquisition is beauteous informative.

Here's the thing: Kodachi isn't conscionable for those who worth their privateness but don't truly recognize what's astatine involvement oregon however to navigate the waters of security. This OS besides includes a batch of tools privateness buffs volition truly appreciate, specified as:

  • Demonsaw (encrypted communication)
  • KeePassX (password manager)
  • Tox (peer-to-peer instant-messaging)
  • OnionShare (sharing instrumentality for usage implicit Onion networks)
  • VeraCrypt (encryption) 
  • zuluCrypt (encryption)
  • OpenSnitch (firewall)
  • Syncthing (file sharing)
  • GnuNet (network protocol stack for gathering secure, distributed applications)
  • i2p (anonymous web furniture for peer-to-peer communication)
  • Deny Hosts (deny by IP address)
  • Noisy Crawler (random HTTP/DNS postulation sound successful the background)
  • Torified Shell (so you tin adjacent tally commands done Tor)

There's besides 7 antithetic web browsers (most of which are based connected Firefox), productivity tools, improvement tools and overmuch more. 

In different words, Kodachi has thing for everyone … particularly privacy. And if you're superior astir privacy, there's the Kodachi Dashboard, which displays acold much accusation than you'll ever request (Figure B).

Figure B


The Kodachi Dashboard displays strategy and networking accusation and allows users to connect/disconnect and enable/disable services.

A speedy trial (using whatsmyip.com) and the Dashboard accusation was spot on. What's adjacent amended is that I didn't announcement the slightest slowdown successful web traffic. So, if you're acrophobic the outgo of this level of privateness is speed, fret not. And due to the fact that Kodachi leaves perfectly nary trace, you tin beryllium definite thing volition beryllium capable to way you (even connected a command-line level).

The desktop successful usage is Xfce and is configured specified that it includes a near borderline sheet and a bottommost centered dock. With this setup, anyone should beryllium close astatine location with the interface. The lone instrumentality mightiness beryllium however the dock launchers are arranged successful folders. However, each 1 has to bash is hover the cursor implicit 1 of the folders to uncover what it contains (Figure C).

Figure C


The web browsers folder expanded to amusement everything it contains.

Expand a folder and click connected an introduction to unfastened an application.

And each of those desktop widgets are determination to springiness you a real-time update connected your strategy (including each of the information bits).

Who is Kodachi Linux for?

I'm not saying Kodachi Linux is for everyone. It's not. If you judge your OS and the apps you usage are bully capable to support you harmless from those who would intrude connected your privacy, past Kodachi is not for you. 

But for anyone who has grown overly acrophobic that their privateness is astatine stake, nary substance what they bash with their regular OS, Kodachi is surely an appealing option. And fixed the level of privateness the organisation offers, versus the simplicity successful utilizing it, this operating strategy would beryllium a bully prime for conscionable astir anyone who needs a impermanent injection of superior privateness during their day.

Download Kodachi Linux and person it into a bootable USB instrumentality (or tally it arsenic a virtual machine), truthful you tin get superior astir your privacy.

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