Keep track of the things that matter most this festive season with Vodafone Curve

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(Pocket-lint) - We each cognize the vexation of misplacing invaluable objects - from a container near connected the bid to a acceptable of keys dropped who-knows-where oregon a pup with a terrible lawsuit of wanderlust. The Vodafone Curve allows you to support way of the things that substance the most, whether it’s a acceptable of keys, a bag, an adventurous pet, oregon thing else.

A tiny and nifty GPS tracker affectionately called the "champion of finding", the Vodafone Curve tin beryllium attached to your valuables and tracked from anyplace successful the satellite utilizing an inbuilt SIM. This adds other bid of caput due to the fact that you don’t request to trust connected Bluetooth proximity oregon Wi-Fi. And this is the cleanable clip to acquisition Vodafone Curve!

Currently, Vodafone is offering up to 50% disconnected a 24-month subscription for immoderate Vodafone Curve tracker purchased by 20 December and registered earlier 7 January 2022. Not lone is this a large clip to get Vodafone Curve for yourself, but you tin besides acquisition it to your friends, family, and loved ones, making it the cleanable festive acquisition - utile and thoughtful!

Vodafone Curve Christmas Sale Details:

  • 50% disconnected a 24-month subscription
  • Device Cost: £30
  • Subscription: £1.5pm for 24 months, oregon £6pm with nary minimum subscription
  • Save £36 implicit 24 months
  • Valid for Vodafone Curve tracker purchased by 20 December and registered earlier 7 January 2022

Bluetooth for tracking wrong a adjacent range

Vodafone Curve features Bluetooth capabilities, allowing you to way objects wrong 15 metres of you. If you’ve misplaced your items wrong a 15-metre range, you tin usage the “Beep to Find” diagnostic to way them down. If you’re adjacent to the item, the Vodafone Curve volition commencement beeping to pass you astir the circumstantial location.

GPS for long-distance tracking crossed the globe

Vodafone Curve is simply a astute GPS tracker that allows you to place and way objects misplaced successful 90+ countries, provided it’s successful an country with Vodafone connectivity. The Curve instrumentality includes a Vodafone SIM that allows you to way the object’s real-time determination successful your smartphone app. Once you get close, you tin usage Bluetooth to find its precise location.

No heavier than a keyring

Vodafone Curve is highly light, nary heavier than a keyring. Because of its nifty design, you tin easy link it to your pet’s collar, wallet, bag, oregon different valuables. Furthermore, you tin besides link Curve to your children’s bags, truthful you ever cognize wherever they are. The plan is elemental and non-intrusive.

Establish harmless zones and boundaries

You tin found harmless zones and boundaries for each the devices connected to Vodafone Curve. Whenever the Curve moves extracurricular those zones, indicating that the attached instrumentality is moving distant from the boundary, you’ll person an instant notification with real-time determination tracking. This diagnostic is cleanable for favored parents with adventurous dogs.

Track up to 20 devices astatine once

You tin simultaneously link up to 20 Vodafone Curve devices to your account. As such, you tin easy way up to 20 household items and valuables — capable to screen your pets, wallets, bags, and each different valuables.

Never tally retired of juice

Vodafone Curve has an highly long-lasting battery, truthful you don’t request to interest astir the instrumentality moving retired of foodstuff for respective years. Furthermore, the instrumentality has an IP67 rating, truthful it volition stay functional adjacent if it’s submerged underneath water.

Invite others to way your valuables

You person real-time determination updates for the Vodafone Curve devices connected the Vodafone app, allowing you to way the items easily. You tin either springiness others entree to your account, allowing them to way your devices successful real-time, oregon you tin stock the device’s coordinates via WhatsApp, SMS, oregon different messaging methods.

However, sharing the Apple oregon Google coordinates volition lone let the recipient to way the device’s determination based connected erstwhile the determination was shared — you request the app for real-time tracking.

As you tin astir apt tell, Vodafone Curve is 1 of the astir functional and reliable astute GPS trackers available. If you privation to support way of each your valuables this festive play without a hefty terms tag, we highly urge claiming your 50% discount by purchasing the 24-month subscription earlier 20 December 2021.

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