Kevin McCarty To Be Humiliated As Marjorie Taylor Greene Says He Doesn’t Have The Votes To Be Speaker

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is insisting that Kevin McCarthy doesn’t person capable enactment successful the Republican caucus to beryllium speaker.

Greene said connected Matt Gaetz’s podcast:

We cognize that Kevin McCarthy has a occupation successful our conference. He doesn’t person the afloat enactment to beryllium speaker.

He doesn’t person the votes that are determination due to the fact that there’s galore of america that are precise unhappy astir the nonaccomplishment to clasp Republicans accountable, portion conservatives similar me, Paul Gosar, and galore others conscionable perpetually instrumentality the maltreatment by the Democrats.

The pro-coup insurrectionist caucus wrong the House GOP wants McCarthy to punish each of the Republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and if helium won’t bash that, they aren’t going to elite him speaker.

If McCarthy were to suffer the speakership again, helium was already defeated erstwhile by the House Freedom Caucus erstwhile helium ran to regenerate John Boehner, it would beryllium a crushing humiliation for him.

Kevin McCarthy has caved to the acold close successful the House GOP connected each issue. He is simply a anemic person who wants to beryllium Speaker of the House truthful severely that helium is allowing the home terrorists to tally the asylum.

If Taylor Greene is correct, it won’t substance what McCarthy gives the acold right, they aren’t going to enactment him for speaker.

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