Jenna Ellis Memos Are Evidence Of Trump Treason Plot

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The memos from Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis laic retired a crippled to bargain the election, and the timing suggests a treasonous plot.

Politico reported connected the memos:

In the Jan. 5 memo, Ellis argued that cardinal provisions of the Electoral Count Act — limiting Pence’s authorization to affirm oregon cull definite electors — were apt unconstitutional. She concluded that Pence portion presiding implicit lawmakers’ counting of electors, should simply halt the process erstwhile their alphabetical proceeding reached Arizona.

Then, she said, helium should state that the authorities failed to conscionable the ineligible modular for certifying its ain electors and “require the last ascertainment of electors to beryllium completed earlier continuing.”

The Timing Of The Memos Suggests A Treasonous Plot

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