Huawei teases P50 Pocket foldable, launching 23 December

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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei is acceptable to instrumentality connected the Galaxy Z Flip with a folding clamshell of its precise own. It's called the Huawei P50 Pocket, and it's being announced connected 23 December. 

The shaper has taken to societal media to stock details of the phone's motorboat event, portion besides teasing a small of what we're to expect from the instrumentality erstwhile it is announced.

— Huawei Mobile (@HuaweiMobile) December 14, 2021

The institution shared the motorboat day quality connected some Weibo (in China) and connected Twitter for its planetary audience, confirming the sanction of the instrumentality and the nonstop clip of launch.

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More interesting, however, are a mates of images shared from the company's authoritative grip on Weibo, which amusement a glimpse astatine the instrumentality and bespeak that this is - so - a folding telephone successful the signifier of a clamshell, similar the Galaxy Z Flip series. 

In the images supra you tin intelligibly spot the telephone stood up with a hinge fractional mode up and a shadiness which intelligibly hints astatine its folding capability. Unlike Samsung's telephone however, this 1 has thing of a diamond signifier connected the backmost which could assistance acceptable it apart. 

It would marque it the archetypal flip-style smartphone the institution has manufactured, with its archetypal fewer generations of flexible smartphone - like the Mate X2 - being exclusively book-styled. 

Given the timing and societal media promotion astir the event, it's precise apt the telephone volition initially lone beryllium launched successful China. At least, to statesman with. 

Huawei is inactive having to contend with spot shortages and different issues arising from its well-documented commercialized ban. The P50 series is yet to beryllium launched successful occidental markets, and that was archetypal announced successful China backmost successful the summer. 

As for different specs and details, we fishy it volition diagnostic a almighty processor owed to Huawei repeatedly referring to it arsenic a 'Winter flagship launch', but precisely which processor is yet to beryllium seen. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 15 December 2021.

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