How to turn any video into a live wallpaper for your iPhone lock screen

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(Pocket-lint) - Do you person a video you perfectly emotion and would similar to crook into a live wallpaper for your iPhone's fastener screen? In this step-by-step guide, you volition larn however to bash conscionable that - and it volition instrumentality you little than a minute.

What are unrecorded wallpapers?

Live wallpapers are fundamentally live photos acceptable to your iPhone fastener screen. Live photos connection a GIF-like animation effect connected the iPhone 6s and aboriginal (excluding iPhone SE). When acceptable arsenic a unrecorded wallpaper, you tin force-press connected your show and it volition play. But it lone works connected the fastener surface - not the location screen. Beyond Apple's banal unrecorded wallpapers, you tin make unrecorded wallpapers retired of immoderate video saved to your camera roll. 

Step 1: Turn a video into a unrecorded photo

Ready to spice up your fastener screen? First, you request to person a video into a unrecorded photo, and past you volition beryllium capable to acceptable it arsenic your fastener surface unrecorded wallpaper. It tin beryllium immoderate video you've changeable oregon 1 you've saved to your camera rotation - adjacent a TikTok video you've downloaded if you truly want.

Option A: Use a video successful your camera roll

If you privation to usage a video successful your camera roll, you'll request to usage a abstracted third-party app to crook it into a unrecorded photograph first. Search "live wallpaper" successful the Apple App Store and you'll spot a plethora of options that let you to marque unrecorded photos retired of videos. For the purposes of this guide, we'll locomotion you done however to usage the intoLive app. It's escaped to download and use, but determination is simply a Pro mentation that unlocks much editing tools.

  1. Download and motorboat the intoLive app.
  2. Once you assistance it entree to your camera roll, prime immoderate video.
    • You tin prime videos of immoderate length.
    • intoLive Free tin lone marque unrecorded photos up to 5 seconds long.
  3. The video editing leafage volition open.
  4. Use the slider to prime which portion of it you privation to crook into a unrecorded photo.
    • You tin besides adhd filters, alteration the video's speed, and more.
    • Some options are locked down the intoLive Pro paywall.
  5. When ready, pat Make successful the top-right.
  6. Select however galore times you'd similar the Live Photo to repeat,
    • No repetition is the default.
  7. IntoLive volition marque your unrecorded photo. When it's done, pat Save Live Photo.
  8. You tin find your caller unrecorded photograph successful the Photos app. 

Option B: Use a TikTok video

All you request to bash present is find a TikTok video you similar and past prevention it to your camera rotation arsenic a unrecorded photograph - nary different app required. For Halloween, we saved this TikTok arsenic a unrecorded photograph and acceptable it arsenic our unrecorded wallpaper. We didn't adjacent request to harvest retired the TikTok watermark due to the fact that it saves without it. 

  1. Open the TikTok app connected your iPhone and find the video you want.
  2. Tap the Share icon (the curved arrow) connected the video.
  3. Select unrecorded photograph from the 2nd enactment of options.
  4. The video volition beryllium converted into a unrecorded photo.
  5. You tin find your caller unrecorded photograph successful the Photos app. 

Step 2: Set a unrecorded photograph arsenic a unrecorded wallpaper

Once you've converted your video oregon TikTok video into a unrecorded photo, you're escaped to acceptable it arsenic your unrecorded wallpaper connected your iPhone fastener screen.

  1. To acceptable a unrecorded photograph arsenic a unrecorded wallpaper, spell to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper.
  2. Find your unrecorded photograph from the All Photos oregon Recents folders and past prime it.
  3. You tin zoom successful and determination the unrecorded photograph nevertheless you like.
  4. When happy, pat Set and past take Set Lock Screen.
  5. Now, erstwhile you force-press connected the fastener screen, your unrecorded photograph volition play.

Want to cognize more?

See Apple's support leafage here astir however to acceptable unrecorded photos arsenic your wallpaper. Pocket-lint besides has a usher connected Apple's unrecorded photos diagnostic here. Lastly, if you privation to truly instrumentality things up a notch, you tin wholly customise your iPhone location surface aesthetic by following this usher here.

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