How to set-up an Amazon Echo for a child

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(Pocket-lint) - Alexa has made rather an interaction connected our homes and from the off, children person recovered it truly casual - and amusive - to prosecute with Amazon's integer assistant. 

With the Echo Dot being truthful affordable, it's an casual enactment for making an Echo disposable for your kids - possibly successful a chamber oregon successful a play country depending connected their age.

But determination are a fewer things you should see and a fewer tweaks you should marque - and there's a quality betwixt the US and different regions wherever different devices are available.


Should you get an Echo Dot Kids?

Amazon offers a version-specific kids' mentation of the Echo Dot. This not lone comes with a 2-year warranty, but offers a 1 twelvemonth subsciption to Amazon Kids+, Amazon's subscription work for kids, allowing entree to child-specific content.

Even if you don't bargain that mentation of the Echo Dot, you tin alteration Amazon Kids for that idiosyncratic instrumentality and negociate your Echo Dot via the genitor dashboard online - which makes power a batch easier. You tin find the Amazon genitor dashboard here


Keep it connected your account

First of all, whether you person a subsciption to Amazon Kids+ oregon not, what's important is that you person each your devices, including immoderate utilized by your kids, connected your Amazon account. That means they are each controlled via 1 Alexa app and they each enactment unneurotic - and 1 of the advantages of having multiple Echo devices is that you tin usage announcements, for example, to telephone kids for meals wherever they are successful the house.

Enable Amazon Kids

While there's options to prosecute controls crossed your Amazon relationship that volition marque your Echo devices much kid friendly, there's besides the enactment to prosecute Amazon Kids connected a circumstantial device. This volition mean that that Echo has astir of these measures engaged - it's fundamentally a speedy way into the parental controls for a device. 

This is peculiarly utile if you're putting an Echo successful a child's country and you tin find the enactment successful the instrumentality settings successful the Alexa app. Head to devices > Echo & Alexa past pat connected the child's Echo. Then pat connected the settings paper successful the apical right-hand corner, past scroll down to Amazon Kids. Once enabled, it's fundamentally a speedy mode into the Parent Dashboard, truthful you tin power the settings for that device.

However, beneath we besides instrumentality you done however to prosecute those settings manually.

Rename your Echo device

Once you've setup the Echo device, it's casual to rename it. Just caput to the Alexa app and into the settings leafage for that idiosyncratic device. (Tap devices > Echo & Alexa and past the devices you privation to change.)


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Here you'll find the apical enactment is for renaming that idiosyncratic device. This is worthy doing for a fig of reasons. Firstly, it gives the kid ownership of the device, truthful alternatively than it being "Chris's 3rd Echo Dot" it'll person their name. 

This really benefits you, due to the fact that you tin easy spot which instrumentality it is connected the database - and if you person a afloat location of Echo devices, that's important truthful you tin way what it's doing quickly. Alternatively, you could telephone it "play room" oregon something, depending connected your setup.

Turn connected Explicit Filter

The "explicit filter" aims to halt songs being played that person explicit lyrics successful them. You can't use it to idiosyncratic devices, but if you person kids successful your house, it makes consciousness to use the filter crossed each devices, to debar the occasional Ariana Grande F-bomb during your 5-year-old's party. 

In the Alexa app, unfastened the paper and caput into Settings > Music & Podcasts. Here you'll find the euphony controls and astatine the apical is the Profanity Filter. Tap done and toggle it on.


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The happening to enactment is that this lone applies to services that enactment it - Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music - though it won't ever drawback each songs connected those services, lone those that person been marked arsenic having explicit lyrics. Often the "radio" mentation volition beryllium played, but it's inactive imaginable for explicit songs to gaffe through.

There's besides the enactment to deactivate the explicit filter by dependable (in lawsuit you abruptly request sweary music?) - but it's champion to permission this disconnected - different it tin conscionable beryllium disabled. 

One happening to enactment is that services similar TuneIn bash not enactment explicit lyric filtering (because it's radio) - truthful if you're listening to a unrecorded broadcast oregon aft the watershed there's each anticipation that immoderate enthusiastic creator oregon presenter volition gaffe successful immoderate colourful language.

Turn disconnected dependable purchasing 

This is 1 of the things you should bash arsenic soon arsenic you get an Echo, due to the fact that anyone who tin speech to your Echo tin bargain things from your Amazon account. If you person kids, you decidedly bash not privation them buying a full scope of worldly without you knowing astir it.

Again, this is simply a wide Alexa relationship setting, truthful unfastened the Alexa app and unfastened the menu. Then spell to Settings > Account settings > Voice Purchasing.


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It's a toggle enactment and you could opt to person PIN protection, but it's safer to conscionable crook it disconnected - aft all, the champion mode to browse and bargain from Amazon is utilizing the app.

Reviewing your dependable past connected Alexa

Ok, this 1 is simply a small much scary. As Alexa captures dependable interactions, they're unfastened to you for review. That means that you can, if you wish, show what Alexa mightiness person been asked. If you're acrophobic that your kids' enactment descended into thing inappropriate - involving Alexa - past you'll person dependable recordings that you tin review.


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You tin bash this from the Alexa app, but it's easier connected the bigger surface successful your browser astatine or and past click connected Privacy Settings and past Alexa Privacy. Here you tin benignant by customized day ranges. 

Decide what Communications you want 

Communications see Announcements, Alexa Calling and messaging, and Drop In. Announcements are really utile successful a household location due to the fact that you tin accidental "Alexa broadcast 'it's clip for dinner'" and the connection is announced crossed each devices.

But you mightiness not privation your kids to beryllium capable to usage the Drop In relation wherever past tin automatically commencement a two-way speech with contacts. In the Alexa app, you tin disable Drop In for each instrumentality - and you tin disable it for yourself too, truthful you tin ne'er judge Drop In, meaning others cannot Drop In connected you. The settings tin beryllium recovered Commincate > Contacts > My Communication Settings. Here you tin crook disconnected Drop In for yourself.

To disable the work connected a peculiar instrumentality - specified arsenic an Echo successful a child's country - caput to that instrumentality successful the Alexa app and successful the instrumentality settings participate Communications. Here you tin power Announcements and Drop In.

Further, you mightiness privation to see the presumption with contacts successful general. The Alexa app connected your telephone asks to entree your contacts truthful that it tin past telephone oregon connection from your Echo device. If you don't usage Alexa calling, past revoke this support and Amazon won't past person entree to your contacts - meaning your kids can't accidentally prank telephone radical connected your contacts list.

Use Do Not Disturb 

Amazon doesn't person due scheduled hours for Alexa devices, but it does connection Do Not Disturb, wherever you tin marque definite that thing is going to marque a dependable connected that instrumentality astatine a peculiar time.

Head into the instrumentality settings for the idiosyncratic Echo and you tin prime the clip slot you privation it to beryllium engaged.

Remain responsible

For many, the acquisition of an Echo instrumentality volition pb to hours of entertainment. It provides entree to tons of music, answers to questions arsenic good arsenic immoderate astute location power - but arsenic a genitor you inactive request to beryllium successful control. In the lack of a implicit fastener down of kids mode, arsenic a genitor you are inactive liable for what your children bash erstwhile they are utilizing Alexa.

While utilizing the tips for kids with Alexa supra you tin power immoderate aspects of their usage, kids volition research and arsenic with immoderate internet-connected device, determination needs to beryllium immoderate level parental bound acceptable to guarantee that they are behaving themselves.

Sometimes, you mightiness conscionable person to propulsion the plug, oregon acceptable your router to artifact that instrumentality astatine peculiar times if things get retired of hand.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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