How to manage a remote host via Cockpit

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If you negociate your Linux servers with Cockpit, Jack Wallen has a chill instrumentality that tin marque your admin beingness considerably much efficient.

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Cockpit is simply a almighty web-based GUI that makes managing your Linux servers considerably easier. With this tool, you tin tally upgrades, cheque logs, start/stop services, negociate instrumentality deployments and more. 

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Another diagnostic of Cockpit that makes it adjacent much utile is the quality to nexus aggregate hosts unneurotic truthful you tin negociate them from 1 convenient location. Of course, each big you adhd indispensable person Cockpit installed and running, but this makes it acold much businesslike to administer those servers from a azygous location.

I'll locomotion you done the process of adding Cockpit-enabled servers to your main big to assistance marque your admin beingness a spot easier.

What you'll request

To marque this work, you'll request astatine slightest 2 servers that person Cockpit installed and running. If you're moving with Rocky Linux, AlmaLInux, oregon RHEL, Cockpit volition travel pre-installed. The lone happening you mightiness person to bash is alteration the work with the command:

sudo systemctl alteration --now cockpit.socket

Once you person it enabled connected the machines you privation to add, caput implicit to the main server and log into Cockpit.

How to adhd a server to Cockpit

After logging into Cockpit, click the drop-down successful the precocious near country adjacent to the USERNAME@HOSTNAME listing (Figure A—Where USERNAME is the idiosyncratic you've logged successful with and HOSTNAME is the hostname of the server).

Figure A


Accessing the big adhd diagnostic successful Cockpit that's moving connected AlmaLinux.

I'm going to adhd a caller big moving Rocky Linux. Click Add New Host and then, erstwhile prompted (Figure B) benignant the IP code of the caller server and past adhd the username (one that has privileges capable to usage Cockpit).

Figure B


Configuring the indispensable accusation for the caller big to beryllium added.

You tin besides alteration the default colour for the host. Click Add and then, erstwhile prompted (Figure C), click Accept Key and Connect.

Figure C


Accepting the cardinal for the distant server.

If you're truly paranoid, you tin ever verify the cardinal by logging into the instrumentality to beryllium added and issuing the command:

ssh-keyscan -t ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 localhost|ssh-keygen -lf -

If the cardinal presented successful the terminal model matches the cardinal you spot successful the Cockpit window, it's harmless to continue. You volition past beryllium prompted to benignant the idiosyncratic password for the distant big (Figure D).

Figure D


You indispensable benignant the idiosyncratic password to continue. 

If you'd prefer, you tin make an SSH cardinal for automatic login. To bash this, cheque the container for Automatic login and then, successful the resulting model (Figure E), benignant and corroborate a password for the SSH key.

Figure E


Creating an SSH cardinal for automatic Cockpit login.

Once the server has been added, you'll spot it successful the database of disposable servers by clicking the aforesaid drop-down utilized for adding the server (Figure F).

Figure F


All of our disposable servers are listed here.

Click the server you privation to negociate and get to work.

That's however casual it is to adhd distant servers to the Cockpit strategy manager. If you person aggregate Linux servers that you negociate with Cockpit, see this a must-do.

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