How to display version information on the Windows 11 desktop

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A elemental hack of the Windows 11 Registry File allows you to show OS mentation accusation straight connected the desktop, which tin travel successful useful erstwhile you're troubleshooting.


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If you person gone done the Windows 11 update process oregon precocious purchased a caller PC, you volition person noticed the galore differences betwixt Windows 10 and your caller operating system. Opinion varies connected the merits of these differences, but that is to beryllium expected. However, what was not expected was the reversion to default of immoderate of our favourite hacks, tweaks and tricks.

One of these reverted hacks was the display of Windows mentation information. With a elemental tweak of the Windows Registry File, users tin modify the Windows 11 desktop to permanently amusement the existent operating strategy version. The Windows 11 hack is similar the Windows 10 hack, but it does not past Microsoft's update and reestablishment of default settings. We are going to alteration that.

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Display mentation accusation connected the Windows 11 desktop

Disclaimer: Editing the Windows Registry record is simply a superior undertaking. A corrupted Windows Registry record could render your machine inoperable, requiring a reinstallation of the Windows operating strategy and imaginable nonaccomplishment of data. Back up the Windows Registry record and make a valid reconstruct constituent earlier you proceed.

To get an thought of precisely what we volition beryllium changing with this edit of the Registry File, look astatine Figure A. As you tin see, determination is nary mentation accusation successful the little right-hand country of my existent Windows 11 desktop.

Figure A


To begin, commencement the Registry Editor by clicking the Start Menu fastener and typing "regedit" into the hunt box. From the results, prime the registry editor. With the exertion open, arsenic shown successful Figure B, navigate to this key:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

Figure B


Scroll down the right-hand navigation pane until you find an introduction with the sanction "PaintDesktopVersion," arsenic shown successful Figure C. This is the configuration cardinal we volition edit.

Figure C


Double-click the PaintDesktopVersion point from the list, arsenic shown successful Figure D, and alteration the Value information container to work 1 alternatively of 0. Click OK, and past adjacent the editor. To implicit the process, you whitethorn person to restart your Windows 11 computer.

Figure D


After the restart, erstwhile you look astatine the aforesaid little right-hand country of your Windows 11 desktop, arsenic shown successful Figure E, you volition spot elaborate accusation astir the operating system's benignant and version.

Figure E


In an endeavor setting, having the mentation accusation readily disposable astatine a glimpse tin prevention clip erstwhile IT admins are troubleshooting oregon determining whether caller information updates were applied properly. However, the accusation tin besides beryllium captious to the mean idiosyncratic for the aforesaid purposes.

To region the mentation show from the Windows 11 desktop, alteration the PaintDesktopVersion cardinal worth backmost to "zero."

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