How to add sideheads to a document in Word

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Positioning headings successful the near borderline of a Microsoft Word papers isn't an intuitive task, but doing truthful volition truly assistance them basal out.

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A batch of documents with sections and headings format conception headings supra the conception text. Regardless of what benignant you apply, those headings tin get a spot lost. Fortunately, positioning those headings to the near broadside of the content—in the borderline is simply a large mode to marque headings basal retired successful your Microsoft Word document. These are called sideheads oregon broadside headings. It sounds difficult, but it's precise elemental to presumption headings to the near of the content, successful the near margin, and successful this article, I'll amusement you however to bash so.

I'm utilizing Microsoft 365 connected a Windows 10 64-bit system, but you tin usage earlier versions. Word Online won't support the modified benignant online, and you can't modify the benignant online. For your convenience, you tin download the objection .docx and .doc files.

Picking the heading benignant successful Word

When formatting a document, you tin usage 1 of the built-in heading styles oregon a modified style. I'm utilizing the built-in Heading 2 style. Choosing a header benignant is an important determination due to the fact that you tin usage it only for the sidehead text. If you use it to different contented that you don't privation successful the broadside margin, you volition extremity up with a mess. So, take a benignant that you won't beryllium applying successful immoderate different way. Before we modify the style, we request to use it.

How to modify the benignant successful Word

The elemental papers shown successful Figure A has a fewer paragraphs and headings. The contented is Normal style, and the headings (blue text) are Heading 2 style. If you're moving with your ain contented and you don't cognize however to use a style, prime the heading substance and click Heading 2 successful the Styles assemblage connected the Home tab.

Figure A


  Let's determination headings retired of the assemblage of the papers and into the broadside margin.

Once you person applied the Heading 2 benignant to each the headings that you privation to presumption successful the near margin, you're acceptable to modify Heading 2 arsenic follows:

  1. Right-click Heading 2 successful the Styles assemblage successful the Styles radical connected the Home tab (circled successful Figure A). It isn't indispensable to prime the headings first.
  2. Choose Modify from the resulting dropdown.
  3. In the resulting dialog, click Format (in the bottom-left corner) and take Frame from the dropdown list. These options volition let you to reposition immoderate contented styled arsenic Heading 2.
  4. In the Text Wrapping section, click Around if necessary.
  5. In the Size section, take Exactly from the Width dropdown. Enter 0.75" arsenic the At setting.
  6. In the Horizontal section, take Left from the Position dropdown and Page from the Relative To dropdown. In the Vertical section, alteration thing (Figure B).
  7. Click OK twice.

Figure C shows the results; the Heading 2 contented is successful the near margin, flush with the archetypal enactment of that section.

Figure B


Modifying the Heading 2 repositions the Heading 2 content.

Figure C


The modified benignant positions each Heading 2 substance successful the near margin. 

It's important to retrieve that the archetypal effort mightiness not beryllium precisely what you want; don't beryllium amazed if you person to spell backmost successful and tweak the settings a bit. Understanding what these settings bash is the cardinal to getting it close quickly. You tin besides usage Undo, Ctrl + Z to reset the past changes.

In this case, the headings are positioned good but I don't similar the caller near margin. It is excessively adjacent to the near borderline of the paper. That's casual capable to hole by mounting a caller near borderline arsenic follows:

  1. Click the Layout tab.
  2. In the Page Setup group, click the Margins dropdown.
  3. Choose Custom Margins astatine the bottommost of the list.
  4. In the resulting dialog, participate 1.5 for the Left mounting arsenic shown successful Figure D.
  5. Click OK.

Figure D


  Make the near borderline wider.

As you tin spot successful Figure E, the near borderline is simply a spot farther distant from the borderline and each of the framework settings adapted to the change. It won't substance whether you alteration the borderline earlier oregon aft mounting the framework options. If changing the near borderline doesn't hole things, tweak the framework settings a bit. As you adhd much headings and text, the benignant volition instrumentality attraction of repositioning the caller headings into the near margin.

Figure E


  Now the near borderline and the headings look good.

If you don't recognize however the framework settings managed this large adjustment, work on.

About the framework settings successful Word

If you're not acquainted with the papers framework and its settings, you'll person a hard clip getting the settings right. You mightiness extremity up guessing—and an educated conjecture is OK—but changing the settings willy-nilly volition beryllium frustrating.

A framework is akin to a substance container successful that it's a instrumentality for text. Frames are important for our method due to the fact that they tin beryllium defined successful a style, arsenic we did previously. Frames are inactive disposable via the Legacy Tools dropdown successful the Controls radical connected the Developer tab. When inserted this way, the default framework has a border. At this constituent successful Word's evolution, I tin deliberation of nary crushed to usage a framework alternatively of a substance container different than defining the framework via a style. It's decidedly not intuitive, but it's a flexible and almighty instrumentality erstwhile added this way.

Now let's reappraisal the settings:

  • The Text Wrapping options aren't important to this technique; some volition springiness america the aforesaid effect.
  • The Width mounting determines however wide the framework is. We acceptable ours to beryllium precisely 1 inch from near to right. The Height settings volition bash the same, but Auto works for our purposes.
  • The Horizontal presumption determines the presumption of the framework successful narration to the assemblage of the document. By combining Left and Page, the framework positions itself successful the near margin. You mightiness deliberation the Margin mounting makes much sense, but that mounting volition determination the framework inside the near margin.
  • The Vertical options are akin to the Horizontal; they find wherever the Heading 2 contented goes successful narration to the content—the default options presumption the heading adjacent to the paragraph it goes with. By changing the Position mounting from 0 to thing else, you could offset wherever the headings look successful narration to its paragraph.


If you program to administer these files, I urge that you not use the Automatically Update enactment (in the Modify Styles dialog). This enactment is disposable erstwhile you modify a style, but it isn't selected by default. However, anytime you're modifying a style, you should cheque this option. There are fewer uses it for it, and it shouldn't beryllium checked successful a distributed record unless there's a circumstantial crushed for doing so. If this point is selected for Heading 2, the Heading 2 styled contented volition beryllium babelike connected the Heading 2 benignant connected the recipients' systems. Unless their Heading 2 benignant matches your modified Heading 2 style, the papers volition suffer the sideheads.

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