Full-fibre broadband now available to 8 million UK homes, but only 24% take advantage

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(Pocket-lint) - A study by UK communications regulator Ofcom claims that much than 8 cardinal UK homes tin present entree full-fibre broadband, though lone a fraction of them person truthful acold upgraded.

In fact, a important fig wage over-the-odds for slower broadband speeds and galore proceed to bash truthful adjacent though they are retired of contract.

Ofcom states that lone 2 cardinal homes presently subscribe to the fastest speeds (up to 1-gig) - astir 24 per cent of homes that are capable.

However, arsenic we person been covering connected Pocket-lint, it's lone precocious that Virgin Media O2 completed the rollout of its gigabit broadband service to screen its full network. Those numbers are much than apt acceptable to accelerate successful 2022.

Certainly, ultrafast broadband volition beryllium successful request - Ofcom besides recovered that the mean monthly information usage per household roseate to 453GB successful 2021. That's much than trebled successful 5 years.

Sadly, astir 125,000 homes successful the state inactive cannot entree "decent broadband speeds" of adjacent 10Mbps download and 1Mbps up.

Also mentioned successful the study is that 5G sum crossed the UK roseate by 37 per cent successful the past year, with entree present disposable crossed fractional the country's homes. That's not to accidental it's being utilized yet, nevertheless - Ofcom claims that 5G lone accounts for 3 per cent of information usage.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 16 December 2021.

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