Doomsday glacier in Antarctica is coming lose and may be gone by 2030

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Antarctica's Thwaites glacier could interruption escaped of the continent wrong 10 years, which could pb to catastrophic oversea level emergence and perchance acceptable disconnected a domino effect successful surrounding ice

Environment 13 December 2021

By Adam Vaughan

Thwaites glacier

Thwaites glacier connected the West Antarctic crystal sheet

NASA/OIB/Jeremy Harbeck

The beforehand of a “doomsday glacier” successful Antarctica is expected to spot “dramatic changes” wrong 10 years that accelerate its break-up and publication to oversea level rise, according to findings presented astatine a gathering of the American Geophysical Union connected 13 December.

Thwaites glacier is astir the size of Great Britain and shedding 50 cardinal tonnes of crystal per year. While that is tiny successful presumption of contributing to oversea level rise, the lingua of crystal is intimately watched by researchers due to the fact that of …

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