Disney+ now supports SharePlay across iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

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(Pocket-lint) - Disney+ has introduced SharePlay enactment to its iOS, iPadOS and tvOS apps.

It enables iPhone, iPad and Apple TV owners to presumption movies and shows connected the streaming level with friends and family, with the contented synchronised crossed devices portion besides undertaking a FaceTime call.

Apple launched SharePlay connected its aggregate devices earlier this week and Disney is 1 of respective to present enactment the collaborative viewing experience.

"We’re precise excited to motorboat SharePlay connected Disney+ for Apple users successful clip for the holidays and up of respective highly-anticipated premieres," said Disney Streaming's EVP of merchandise and design, Jerrell Jimerson.

“With thousands of movies and shows and a increasing contented catalogue of caller titles and originals, SharePlay provides different accidental for idiosyncratic friends and household astir the satellite to travel unneurotic and make caller memories with their favourite stories connected Disney+."

Up to 32 radical tin instrumentality portion successful a SharePlay session, portion each spectator tin acceptable the audio and subtitles astatine his, her oregon their end. When watching connected an Apple TV, the FaceTime camera of an iPhone oregon iPad tin beryllium utilized to pass with others.

Disney+ volition besides proceed to connection its akin in-app GroupWatch feature.


Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 15 December 2021.

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