The Wreck Is An Emotional 3D Visual Novel By The Makers Of Bury Me, My Love

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2019’s Bury Me, My Love offered 1 of the astir uniquely told narratives successful caller representation (not to notation being rather emotional). We’ve been funny arsenic to what developer The Pixel Hunt had up its sleeve next, and we recovered retired yesterday with the uncover of its adjacent project, The Wreck.

The Wreck is billed arsenic a mature 3D ocular novel. It stars a failed screenwriter named Junon who indispensable relive 1 of the astir important and, if the trailer is immoderate indication, traumatizing days of her life. The Pixel Hunt describes the communicative arsenic a communicative astir “sisterhood, motherhood, grief, and survival.” 

In presumption of gameplay, you’ll converse with a tiny formed of characters to research Junon’s past successful a non-linear story. With Junon dealing with affectional accent and her parent successful captious condition, revisiting and coming to presumption with a challenging past and contiguous sounds easier said than done. Though the trailer establishes the tone,  the assemblage of screenshots beneath provides a amended thought of how moment-to-moment gameplay appears and the game's dream-like quality. 

The Wreck is presently slated to motorboat to PC via Steam successful 2022. 

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