Apple's new Ted Lasso Christmas special is animated and you can watch it for free here

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(Pocket-lint) - Even though we were treated to a Ted Lasso Christmas peculiar arsenic portion of play 2, it was added to Apple TV+ successful the summertime truthful it was hard to consciousness festive portion watching it.

However, a 2nd Christmas themed occurrence is present disposable arsenic you tin ticker it close present astatine the apical of this page.

Ted Lasso - The Missing Christmas Mustache is an animated abbreviated but stars the archetypal cast, including Jason Sudekis, Hannah Waddingham, Nick Mohammed, and Juno Temple. Brett Goldstein besides returns arsenic Roy Kent, albeit successful a bleeped signifier this time.

It's each suitably holidays themed and runs for a small implicit four-and-a-half minutes. You tin besides ticker it done the Apple TV+ app oregon YouTube if you privation to presumption it connected a large screen.

Apple Original Ted Lasso has proved a immense occurrence since its archetypal play deed Apple TV+ successful August 2020.

It has won galore awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series and a mates of Golden Globes. It has besides been nominated for respective more, acceptable to beryllium announced aboriginal adjacent year.

A 3rd play is connected its mode and you tin support up with its advancement successful our useful diagnostic here: Ted Lasso play 3 merchandise date, however to ticker and however to drawback up.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 16 December 2021.

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