5 online brain games to help WFH employees improve mental function

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Working from location has advantages, but it besides tin make a diminution successful intelligence health. The bully quality is, determination are online games that tin assistance amended intelligence function.

Physical wellness symptoms aren't the lone interest for employers erstwhile it comes to their employees. A report by Qualtrics recovered that 41.6% of surveyed respondents said there'd been a diminution successful their intelligence wellness since the commencement of COVID-19, with employees standing their wellness astatine 3 oregon little connected a 10-point scale.

So what tin employers bash to assistance employees amended and support their intelligence health? Allow them to person immoderate amusive portion moving remotely. It's not capable to beryllium challenged by enactment oregon analyzable tasks. Employees request to person a spot of approved downtime to get exercise, caller air, a beverage oregon snack, and possibly adjacent play an online crippled that tin assistance supply immoderate amusive portion improving their intelligence health.

Playing online games tin supply immoderate of these benefits, erstwhile played successful abbreviated bursts, Increasing and refreshing intelligence capabilities:

  • Reduces feelings of isolation and anxiety
  • Improves responses to stress
  • Reduces burnout and intelligence exhaustion
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves problem-solving
  • Encourages innovative thought

Employees tin effort immoderate of these online encephalon games to assistance amended and enactment their intelligence health.

Online encephalon games for WFH employees

Some online games whitethorn trim anxiety, slump oregon stress; these are conscionable a fewer that tin assistance amended intelligence relation successful general. Most tin beryllium downloaded escaped but person constricted functions and use. Each has a paid subscription with afloat functionality and entree to each disposable games.



Image: Elevate

Elevate is simply a crippled that tin assistance WFH employees enactment crisp and summation their assurance and productivity. It helps them amended focus, listening skills, problem-solving, and retention. It's disposable connected Apple iOS, Android and Google Play.

Key features of Elevate:

  • Over 40 antithetic mini-games
  • Personalized encephalon training
  • Daily games to situation employees
  • Different levels to situation employees
  • The quality for employees to way their performance

Pricing: Elevate tin beryllium downloaded utilizing Android and iOS. A monthly subscription program is $4.99, and an yearly subscription program is disposable astatine $39.99.


Happy Neuron


Image: Happy Neuron

Happy Neuron is simply a implicit encephalon grooming programme focused connected improving cognitive relation by stimulating concentration, expanding representation and challenging logical thinking. It tin assistance amended worker assurance and productivity.

Key features of Happy Neuron:

  • Multiple games
  • Five main cognitive relation challenges
  • Progressive programs
  • Optional supervised sessions and personalized guidance
  • Performance tracking

Pricing: Happy Neuron is disposable done a subscription model. For much connected pricing, interaction Happy Neuron utilizing the website interaction form.

Happy Neuron



Image: Lumosity

Lumosity tin assistance WFH employees amended representation and flexibility with amusive games designed to bid cognition. Games are categorized into cardinal areas specified arsenic speed, memory, flexibility and problem-solving.

Key features of Lumosity:

  • Daily challenges 
  • Detailed advancement tracking
  • Games playable by accomplishment level

Pricing: Luminosity is disposable done Google Play and Apple iOS with a monthly subscription for $11.99 and an yearly subscription astatine $59.99.




Image: Peak

Peak games supply fun, stimulating games that absorption connected improving cognitive skills by challenging the skills that substance to each employee. While employees play games, Peak tests their focus, memory, problem-solving, intelligence agility and more.

Key features of Peak:

  •  Over 40 games
  • A manager diagnostic to situation employees with caller workouts
  • Progress tracking
  • Tailored games
  • Advanced grooming programs

Pricing: A constricted mentation of Peak tin beryllium downloaded escaped utilizing Android, Apple iOS oregon Amazon. A Pro mentation is disposable arsenic a monthly subscription astatine the outgo of $4.99, a quarterly program astatine $24.99 and an yearly subscription program astatine $34.99.




Image: Solitaired

Solitaired is an online solitaire crippled level with implicit 500 versions of the classical paper game. Solitaire has been shown to amended intelligence sharpness. Players larn however to amended strategize and problem-solve, truthful releasing successful accrued productivity. Mobile-friendly; disposable connected mobile via Internet, not disposable arsenic an app.

Key features of Solitaired:

  • Game of the day
  • Make-your-own paper game
  • Hints to assistance an worker erstwhile they're stuck
  • 500 escaped versions of solitaire games
  • A leaderboard to vie with different players

Pricing: Solitaired is escaped 100% escaped to play.


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